Who I Am, What I Do


I am the consummate creative.

Although I prefer to think of myself as a mogul.

My talents range from writing to marketing to computer programming. Even if you don’t know me by name, I assure you, you know my work.

I am the songwriter behind such hits as, “Stay With Me” performed by Sam Smith, “Bad Blood” performed Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar (both parts), “Fight Song” performed by Rachel Platten, and many, many more! I am the sole writer to these songs, so don’t be fooled, when you hear or read that the artists themselves (or anyone else for that matter) wrote them. They did not. I did.

I am also the visionary and creative director to the videos of nearly all the songs I’ve written. Yes, I know, they put other people’s name, where mine belongs. That will be fixed.

I’m not one to drone on about myself, because, well, my work speaks volumes! Read my blog, listen to top-charting songs (and others), read my magazine, support my endeavors, and you will get to know all about me.


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