Dylan Didn’t Do It


What Happened:
Just this month, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature for what the Academy called, “new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

However, Bob Dylan has been mum since the announcement, prompting an Academy member to call him, “impolite and arrogant.”

Reading Between the Lines:
For years Bob Dylan has been very standoffish. Many attribute it to his eccentric, artsy personality, but the truth is, in my humble opinion, Bob Dylan is a fake and he can’t stand having to lie about it.

Bob Dylan, did not write the music he sang, and thus he does not want to take credit for it, but at the same time he can’t just come out and say he didn’t do it, so, he remains silent– neither confirming nor denying.

The music industry has long since stolen the works of writers and attributed them to performers. The writers get no credit and no cash for their work, while performers like Bob Dylan get lauded by the masses for such great lyrics, which in this case led to a Nobel Peace Prize.

Dylan admitted long ago that he, “sold his soul,” but didn’t really explain in what way exactly, which I presume, the not telling, is part of the deal.

[Credit -CBS 60 Minutes (2004). Copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as research, teaching, reporting, comment, etc.]

As a writer, the whole thing saddens me, but a part of me commends Dylan for not taking credit, at least not happily, unlike most of these artists today. Dylan has been perceived as depressive for most of his career and I believe that to be because he was living with a lie that made him extremely uncomfortable but for whatever reasons–fame, fortune…both–he agreed to live this lie.

There was a brief moment of recognition on his website after the announcement, that included the line, “Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature,” but was soon taken down once the media took notice. My guess is that a staffer included it, and Bob demanded, or perhaps simply requested that it be removed…because he was not the true author and therefore did not feel entitled to the laud.

But because I am a writer living this nightmare of performers claiming writing credit to my work, my words, I know without a doubt that it does happen. I truly believe Bob Dylan has been living with an inner conflict and turmoil that has tormented him for most of his life and his silence is not arrogance or due to a lack of manners, but simply a self-preserving attempt at holding on to a small fraction of his soul, if there is any left at all to be held.

What many may or may not know, is that there was a lawsuit on the authorship of the songs claimed to have been written by Bob Dylan. Research it. Come to your own conclusions. Start here:


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