A Boxer Is Born


A few people know about my love for sports, but even fewer know about my lifelong passion to box.

As a kid my house was often filled with fight fans for pay-per-view bouts, where soon after I would retreat to my room to hit on this kid-sized inflatable pop-up punching bag. Excelling in organized sports such as tae kwon do, softball, basketball and track, boxing was always just a personal dream. There were very few women that were visible to me at that time and it just didn’t feel like something I would be able to participate in on the level I wanted to.


My training team- Johnny Malo (left) Strength + Conditioning, Ernest Roberts (center) Head Coach, Kali Carter (right) Strength + Conditioning [photo: Brian Wandtke]

In my adult life, I often toyed with the thought of finding a trainer to see if I could be the boxer I always thought I could be, but between my career at the time, my newly started business and other excuses, I didn’t follow through on it.

Then suddenly one day during the summer of 2015, after years of shadow boxing in my living room, jogs and other semi-training exercises; along with a very personal and life-changing realization, I had a clear vision of me finally boxing seriously. I then took to researching my options– where were boxing gyms; could I find a trainer; would I actually get to compete and maybe even go pro? I then thought about the Olympics and how the 2012 Summer Games was the first time in the history of the Olympics, that women were allowed to compete in boxing. I look young for my age and I’m in great shape, but I was worried about any age restrictions on participating if any. I then did more research and what I discovered was that for the 2020 Olympics, I would still be age eligible by one year. One year. I quickly did the math– if I start training now (2015), and train hard, I could have a real shot at 2020. Then always looking for a sign, I viewed 2020 as perfect vision, which I have, and that my vision of myself boxing was the stars aligning in my favor. If making it to 2020 by one year wasn’t sign enough, new rules also allow boxers to have professional fights and still compete in the Olympics– that wasn’t the case just a couple of years ago!

So here I am, 1 year and 3 months into my journey to the 2020 Olympics and you all are invited to come along for the ride. It’s my time.


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