A Boxer Is Born


A few people know about my love for sports, but even fewer know about my lifelong passion to box.

As a kid my house was often filled with fight fans for pay-per-view bouts, where soon after I would retreat to my room to hit on this kid-sized inflatable pop-up punching bag. Excelling in organized sports such as tae kwon do, softball, basketball and track, boxing was always just a personal dream. There were very few women that were visible to me at that time and it just didn’t feel like something I would be able to participate in on the level I wanted to.


My training team- Johnny Malo (left) Strength + Conditioning, Ernest Roberts (center) Head Coach, Kali Carter (right) Strength + Conditioning [photo: Brian Wandtke]

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Dylan Didn’t Do It


What Happened:
Just this month, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature for what the Academy called, “new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

However, Bob Dylan has been mum since the announcement, prompting an Academy member to call him, “impolite and arrogant.”

Reading Between the Lines:
For years Bob Dylan has been very standoffish. Many attribute it to his eccentric, artsy personality, but the truth is, in my humble opinion, Bob Dylan is a fake and he can’t stand having to lie about it. Continue reading

What If You Found Out Your Favorite Artist Was A Sham?


(Originally written 08/01/2015)

Would you still like or listen to your favorite artist if you found out they didn’t really write their songs, like they claim to have?

For decades, it’s been a well known “secret” that the music industry and the entire entertainment industry as a whole has been steeped in lies and deceit, illusions and smoke and mirrors. We often hear stories from those that seem voiceless or even powerless, about the theft of their art, be it a writer claiming Hollywood stole their book story line or script, or a music producer claiming a big label jacked their beat. Sometimes the originators are successful in recouping losses and/or getting their name rightly appropriated, such as recent lawsuits by the Marvin Gaye estate who accused Pharell Williams and others of infringing on their rights. But for someone who is not as well known as Marvin Gaye, the battle is presumably much more difficult to prevail in.

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